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Proposal for Telecommunication Services in Shopping Malls/Office Buildings/Logistics Centers

Dear Sirs, This proposal for services was prepared to meet your telecommunication needs in the area of facility management. Emtel Ltd. is an authorized partner of NETIA S.A., entitled to provide telecommunication services. Being a company with an exquisite knowhow, we have solutions, that will guarantee access to high quality telecommunication services, data transfer services and internet in all available technologies. Proposal: In order to provide telecommunication services in your facility, we propose to cover the cost of teletransmission network implementation, ie. - Telecommunication hub with the connection. - Delivery, installation and configuration of necessary teletransmission devices (telephone devices: PBX, VoIP, vPBX; internet devices: DATA, WiFi, WLAN)
We guarantee, that lessees in your facility, interested in telecommunication services of companies other than Emtel Ltd., will be provided with an offer to lease cabling infrastructure under a separate agreement between telecommunication providers (WLR – Wholesale Line Rental). Due to our telecommunication expertise, we will prepare active teletransmission infrastructure, so that it will be possible to connect following transmission media (data, voice, internet):

  • Analogue lines (ab)
  • Digital lines – ISDN BRA (2B+D)
  • Digital lines – ISDN PRA (30B+D)
  • Symmetric access to the Internet – SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Asymmetric access to the Internet – ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)
  • WiFI – WLAN in the facility

Savings: We guarantee that reasonable financial conditions, together with no necessity of investing in teletransmission infrastructure (Emtel Ltd. covers cost of teletransmission network implementation as mentioned above), will generate noticeable decrease of telecommunication costs. Emtel Ltd. will address all the telecommunication issues in the facility where services will be provided by our company. Professional advice: We offer our expertise in all telecommunication